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>Phoenixstar9 Online Presents Our Official Interview With Author Demetrice Prince on 02.29.2012

> Phoenixstar9 Online will present an interview with author and poet, Demetrice Prince, taking place at the online interview spot, “Talkshoe” on February 29th, 2012 at 7 p.m. est. Phoenixstar9 Online is proud to present our official interview with talented writer, Demetrice Prince. We will be picking his brain, and[…] Read More →

>Rocbattle Interview of the Week: One of my Favorite Producers Quazar aka "BKZAR" @supastarbeatz

> ============================ Q: Where you reppin’ from ?A: Quazar…..”BKZAR” (Brooklyn’s Quazar)…..Right now, Chicago (actually northeast Indiana), but no matter where I’m at….it’s ALWAYS  BROOKLYN!!!!!!!! Q: Do you prefer selling on Rocbattle or hitting the streets?A: Rocbattle iz kool. It was a great start and iz still a solid mainstay, but[…] Read More →

>Added Harmonics to a Kick Drum

> phoenixstar9More Posts

>Phoenixstar9 Online Promotions : Mixtape: THE ERA OF PENNY HARDAWAY THROWBACK MIXTAPE HOSTED BY @BPEMusic @Iam1Cent

> Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by # 1.INTRO – THE ERA OF PENNY HARDAWAY [listen] download# 2.THROWBACK * ELUS F/ G WATERZ [listen] download# 3.LOOK @ MY LADY * SOS [listen] download# 4.ABOUTA PENNY * COKE BOY DROOP POP F/ DYBER [listen] download# 5.BRAND NEW PENNIES *[…] Read More →

>Phoenixstar9 Online Promotions : New Video: SWV – Co-Sign – Hit Or Miss?

> New Video: SWV – Co-Sign I like this, I like the true SWV vibe it is giving off it’s decent.. phoenixstar9More Posts

>Internships for Magazines and Music (As of 02/21/2012)

> Opportunities for anyone looking for an internship with a mag/music etc [<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the story “Internships for Magazines and Music ” on Storify</a>] phoenixstar9More Posts

>Phoenixstar9 Online Promotions : Mixtape: 2011 R&B Sterling Simms @STERLINGSIMMS – July’s Finest

> Click cover to download A VERY thorough, R&B mixtape from Sterling Simms… ladies hold on to your panty draws…   phoenixstar9More Posts

>Phoenixstar9 Online Promotions :Kendrick Lamar Ever Heard Of Section 80 – Mixtape

> “This Here Is An Unofficial Kendrick Lamar Compilation Including His New Material From Him And His Best Material Up To Date That Aren’t On Any Official Tape. To All who Don’t Know Who Kendrick Lamar Is, He’s A Rapper From Compton California, Age 24. He’s Known For Killing Every[…] Read More →