Hot Or Not? FACETIME By @altrinarenee Altrina Renee (r&b)

Hot Or Not? FACETIME By @altrinarenee Altrina Renee (r&b)

I originally came across this artist through my favorite DJ, (DA HITMAN) @DAHITMAN

Through his Slap That Series.  Altrina Renee really did an outstanding job with this song.   The WORDPLAY Is sick!

This was officially released on The mixtape from  (Raekwon – “Unexpected Victory”) .

MY GOD.. I listened to this over and over, it’s a sexy song get into it.

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SWV “I Missed Us” Album Review

swv I missed us


I was soooo overjoyed at hearing that my fave R&B female group, SWV came out with a new album!

I love them like fat kids love cake.

The way lil wayne loves dressing in tight clothes.

The way Evelyn Loves Telling Jen she’s going to stomp her every time she sees her but doesn’t.

Track By Track Analysis:

“Co-Sign” is one of the dopest songs on the entire album.  It has the old school feel but has a modern vibe. Their harmonies on this track are beautiful.  However, I am not  fan of the pre-chorus “Ready for a wifey and Kids”


Yall are grown.  Wifey?

Other than that I love the song.  It’s upbeat and is also one of their singles.

“All About You” I can do without the shouting on the intro, this one was a little corny, felt like a filler song.

“Show Off” was a well written, new school R&B joint.  They do a tiny interpolation of Jodeci’s “Come and Talk to me” in the opening verse’s melody.

It’s a perfect midtempo club track.  I love their ability to show they can be versatile and still capture the attention of the younger crowd.  This is one of the top tracks to me.

“Everything I Love”  is an amazing track.  Any track that can put me in my feelings is a winner.  The build up to the hook is beautiful.  Favorite line is “Don’t let Nothing break us let’s keep it concrete”.  A grown and sexy track.

“DO YA” Got a skip from me.. I didn’t care for the rapper that was an instant downer for me.  Then it sounded as if they weren’t feeling this song.  However.. the bridge was dope as hell, that was my favorite part of the whole song.

“The Best Years” was a mid-tempo track,  I like the feel of this one.  Definitely had a grown up feel.  Their harmonies sound really nice on the outro for this track.

“I Missed Us” was a big favorite for me they used the “Zelda” (video game) track’s melody.  I was ecstatic! This was another that put me in my feelings.  “I think that you think that, I think that we’re not gonna be, I think that you think that, I think this ain’t where I wanna be” man.. this was another amazing track. I am in love with this one.  The sound of the Zelda Melody and their voices were like butter an biscuits.

“Better Than I” came off a little cocky lyrically, HOWEVER,  I LOVE THAT! This one is telling ol boy why the woman he tried to replace her with Is NOT BETTER Than her.  This was one that I kept on repeat.

“Keep You Home” was decent.  The melody was beautiful, the concept of breaking your neck to keep somebody that doesn’t want to be kept was a little played.  They did pull this one off though.

“Time To Go”  felt like filler.  This didn’t give me any life.

“Use Me” sounded like an ode to Jesus on the hook. “So won’t you use me, I’ll be your vessel for love, I’ll give my heat to you.”  Nothing wrong with that. Very Enjoyable song here.  I think it may have been due to the word choice that gave it that vibe.

“Love Unconditionally” caught me off guard, but in a good way.  They kept it true to classic SWV here.  This is single material.

“If Only You Knew”  was the cover of  Patti Labelle’s classic. Needless to say they really made it their own.  The RUNS WERE CRAZY!

This Album is one of the best of 2012!  This is worth you spending the money on.  I’m happy to say SWV IS BACK!

Visit amazon to get your copy

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