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Independent Artists:

In the journey to becoming an artist, there are several mistakes that need to be avoided, as well as a few key things to do to propel your career as an artist forward.  First, here are the mistakes that artists commonly make.  Oftentimes, artists will spam their music in facebook groups they are in, or on their friends’ walls.  It is essential to understand that facebook is not an avenue for spamming music, and this must be avoided. The second thing for artists to note is that “yes men” are hindering their success. “Yes men” are they people that are constantly building artists up with false praise.  These people make artists believe that they are the best, and have nothing more to learn, which then cripples artists’ growth.  In general, “yes men” just end up setting artists up for a big fall.  The third mistake for artists to avoid is mixing facebook and twitter.  Even though facebook can be a good avenue for networking, twitter is a more useful tool because it enhances the artists’ image as an artist.  Being on facebook makes artists seem too commonplace and attainable, and will only earn them friends.  But, utilizing twitter will gain an artist fans and enhance their image as an artist.

Switching focus, here are some things that should be done in order to be successful. First, artists must build up their brand. Some avenues that can be used to accomplish this include, but not limited to: websites (not facebook), logos, and apparel. Doing this will make artists more accessible and a household item.  Second, artists must budget their money wisely so that they can afford the proper studio time, marketing and promotion. Having studio time, marketing, and promotions are all essential to being artists, so artists must plan to use their money wisely.  The third thing artists must do is make a plan and stick to it. Artists will agree to commitments without thinking through it or weighing the pros and cons, and that can get them into undesirable situations.  Poor planning wrecks a good project, so plan ahead and don’t deviate easily from that plan. Lastly, artists should do a free album, Doing this will help gain artists fans which increases artists’ popularity.

Remember, current rising artists are the future of music.  Following these few tips will help to build an artists’ professionalism, and enhance their image and reputation as an artists.

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