Featured Song and Artist: Boomthavixen – You Used To (Didn’t You?) (@Boomthavixen)


Just know Boomthavixen is a force to be reckoned with! Check her out!

About The Song and The Artist:

That Crazy, Bipolar , Dual Personality ♊️ , Hot Tempered , Beautiful – Female Rapper out of Arizona. Boomthavixen is something else & is often compared to the late & great Left Eye of TLC . With her high pitched voice & word play , she can make a hit whether it’s a r&b love song or raunchy club banger !

Email : dejazhane95@gmail.com
Phone: 929-270-5169
The story behind this song is typical ..lol . I had rap beef with a local Arizona rapper , he kept Subbing me in all of his songs . So I got fed up & made this diss “You Used to, Didn’t You?” . The song blew up within 3 days & is still trending !! Basically , he got Meek milled / Nicki Minajed 😂 . He took the L & gave no response afterwards .

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