Album Review: Kid Cut @OfficialKidCut – First Things First

Kid Cut, has to BE respected, he just has to. This Kid is making it a point to stand out. The most current project from him, “First Things First” gives me hope for the future of rap. The first track, “Feel Alive” is a track that stands above much of the music I have been hearing lately, for a couple reasons, it’s not mumble rap, which I can truly appreciate, and this artist shows confidence, which goes a long way with me when I listen to music. The next track that stands out to me here is “Scrub”, because he took a song that I believe is a classic “TLC’S NO SCRUBS” and makes his own response which shows that in fact he is not the scrub, but it is the women that Kid Cut and Just Jrod are both describing that are indeed the scrubs. I think this is a brilliant piece because of the wordplay on both ends. “Now you just a scrub, I’m the king of spades, just a Jack in the Club”, then Just Jrod states, “Now You Don’t want no scrub, but wasn’t too proud to beg” (Both TLC songs). Love the wordplay from both as well as the chemistry on the track. “Not Okay” was a so-so track, it didn’t really make me stop and reflect, but from an artistic standpoint Kid Cut is expressing his reality with a track that appeals to the current fanbase of hiphop today without sounding corny. “Show Me” is another favorite of mine because Kid Cut raps like a vet here, that knows how to put together a street hit. From the beat choice to the flow on this one, Kid Cut hits hard, “When I’m wicho Hoe, She don’t know what No Means”, that is some pimp shit. “Unreachable” featuring Dat Boi Gutta, shows Kid Cut’s range as an artist when it comes to flows. Kid is like a race car driver and knows when to speed up and slow down on a record without crashing and staying in his own lane. Gutta offers a laid back flow to compliment the laid back beat of this one. “Telling Lies” seems to carry an ongoing theme for Kid Cut, fucking with other niggas’ women. I think on previous tracks he danced around the topic and mentioned it here and there, but this track is dedicated specifically to this and I have to admit, Kid Cut has a unique flow that leaves you with no choice but to listen. “Love Kid, Fuck Cut” is an honest look at Cut’s love life or relationship with women, “she said we made love, but I thought we just fucked”, then another line”she turning into someone that you cannot trust”, says a lot about his day to day life and interactions with women. I will say this about the project, Kid Cut is about to be booming, he has several tracks that can make him a breakout artist in this over saturated game and I am really proud of the artist that he is and is becoming. So I believe this project is going to propel Cut into the arena of artists that are on the come up and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years he was on the cover of XXL for the Freshman class.


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