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Dee Dot Makes a beat on Maschine Mikro

Dee Dot makes a beat on Maschine Mikro, also listen up in the video for how you can get featured on my next Major Moves Project Dee Dot makes a beat using Maschine Mikro Working on a project check out some beats   Dee DotMore Posts

>Video: Producers Corner Tutorial on HiHat EQ’ing

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>Are Free Beats Killing The Music Production Game

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>Jr Rotem talks about producing beats

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>Music Producers: Most Important Video You’ll Ever Watch

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>Major Music Ent. Artist of the Month Boome

> Free Download Skywalker Vol 1 issue 2 -BOOME-Artist Boome locally out of Atlanta, Ga has made a name for his self specially in the city of Dallas. Headling multiple indepedent tours around the country & also opening for major acts on the way. He has opened shows for B.O.B.,[…] Read More →

>Local rap artist Trap releases song for Jhessye Shockley – CBS 5

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>Jen Maven hits Dee Dot’s Producers Corner

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