About BIG Tone

I want to say thank you to Phoenix and Co. for inviting me and share some info about me. Anthony aka BIG Tone has held executive positions at various Management Companies, Major and Independent Record Companies such as Roc-A-Fella Records. While he traveled an unusual path, he took every opportunity … Continue reading

2014 Goals For Phoenixstar9 Online Promotions

  We are always looking to collaborate with companies and musicians with goals that align with ours. Sharing goals with others can sometimes help push you to go harder.  Knowing that others are holding you accountable can keep you on  your toes, so we’ve decided to talk about a few … Continue reading

>About Us

> Phoenixstar9online.com began January 2010, we service ALL members of the music community, talented individuals period. We interview models, singers, photographers etc., we offer mixtape reviews, promotions, social media blasts, and more.  We are a part of We Get It Promotions.  Visit Phoenixstar9online.com a premiere urban media marketing solution.