Featured Song and Artist: Boomthavixen – You Used To (Didn’t You?) (@Boomthavixen)

  Just know Boomthavixen is a force to be reckoned with! Check her out! About The Song and The Artist: That Crazy, Bipolar , Dual Personality ♊️ , Hot Tempered , Beautiful – Female Rapper out of Arizona. Boomthavixen is something else & is often compared to the late & … Continue reading

Featured Artist : Joe Sauseda @joesauseda -Song : “Different”

Producer: Maeson @maesonprod IG: @sausedamusic Sauseda addresses the problems that everyone is either aware of or has gone through. He poses the question: If we approach a problem from a different perspective, would the outcome be different and what we were hoping for?   About the artist: Born and bred … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Amoré King @AmoretheKING

  BIO- Amoré KING has one main goal musically. To “Restore The Feeling.” Representing the bass heavy soul sound of Louisville KY and gritty street sound of Kinston NC simultaneously, Amore’s sound is multi-layered with a flavor that can only be described as “smooth lyricism”. Given the moniker “Amoré KING” … Continue reading

Meet our featured artist, Heron Rodriguez @heronmusic

    What has made you the artist that you are today? God has made me who I am. The streets and hard times has made me the artist I am. A lot of pain, anger and aggression. But good aggression though.I love that DMX, Kanye West, Ludacris, 2Pac aggressiveness. … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Demon$ @thedemons215 Ft. Rich The Kid @IAmRichTheKid Song: BSOTK

Demon$ – BSOTK Ft. Rich The Kid Review:  Here’s what I loved about the track, the beat is menacing, and has me selling dope in my head! Then the title is definitely the most catchiest part of the track, “Busting straight out the kitchen”.  Although the duo is out of  Philly … Continue reading

Featured Artists: Fast Forward (@FastForwardRap) – “Life 101” Produced By Draper

This track from the rap duo, “Fast Forward”, gives me the type of sound that I have been searching for in a new rap duo. Fast Forward’s track “Life 101” has that down south rap feel, minus the dance/trap sound that I have come to hate these days. This group … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Ron Beatty @ronbeattync

This track from Ron Beatty knocked my headphones loose, but seriously, he has a dope sound and sounds confident throughout his verses. You hear about his disappointments and a little about his life, with the memorable hook, “I don’t know why they ain’t heard about me, maybe they’ll feel me … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Nikki Mcknight @706nix with video, “Moments”

    First and foremost, I have to send a big thank you out to Nix for allowing me to even work with her from the jump, the music has been improving and it is evident in the quality of the material.  Nix has always had that special something to … Continue reading

Song Review and Critique: Gallo Locknez @gallolocknez And Gil Thompson “ClockWork Cypher” prod by Dj Premier

Gallo Locknez And Gil Thompson ClockWork Cypher prod by Dj Premier The beat was tough, it had the elements of a classic DJ Premier instrumental, a fun sample, an orchestra hit, and a gritty sound that knocked and helped deliver the sound that I believe the artists were looking for. … Continue reading

Featured Artist: YP (@RAYISYP) Song: Where The Playas Go

  This track comes from one of Cleveland’s own, YP!  It put me on some old playa playa type shit.  Tell us what you guys think!   About the artist and the song:   Raised on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, Raymond “YP” Simpson came up around the roughest … Continue reading

Featured Artist: E-Reign @ereignesm “Need More”

Our Thoughts: “Need More” is a strong record, from the natural flow that you can hear on E-Reign’s vocals to the confident delivery over a lively fitting beat! Tell Us What you think in the comments! Company: ESM ENTERTAINMENT LLC Website: www.ereignmusic.com Twitter Username: https://twitter.com/ereignesm https://soundcloud.com/ereignindalab/e-reign-need-more About the Artist: Prepping his … Continue reading

Music Review : Titanic Thompson by Laid Thomas @laid_thomas

    BUY THE ALBUM BY CLICKING HERE  Laid Thomas is one independent artist that I can truly say has been consistent with the work that they put out.  Thomas has dropped many projects over the years, but this one, “Titanic Thompson”, has to be his most evolved project yet. … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Joe Sauseda @joesauseda “My World”, Produced by @symbolycone

Featured Artist: Joe Sauseda   Joe Sauseda has an awe inspiring flow that will light a fire under your ears. Check out this track and let us know what you think!   Twitter Username @joesauseda From the artist: The soundcloud link I’m leaving is to the song “My World”. It’s off … Continue reading

Featured Video : Michael Resin – Only Human

Featured Artist Michael Resin sent in a very moving video that I feel speaks for itself.  Only Human promotes peace and love, and I think it is worth a view or two! Website:http://www.michaelresin.com/     Born 26 February 1974 Michaël came into music at a very young age with accordion lessons and … Continue reading

Music Review: Don Dayo – “Superstar”

http://www.audiomack.com/embed4-large/majormusicpromotions/superstar   Don Dayo is what real hip hop once was and it is evident on his new single, “Superstar”.  On this record, you can hear raw street lyrics free of the gimmicks that hip hop has been embracing lately.  It’s a glimpse into the life a superstar with a … Continue reading