Producer Parley

Welcome to our page for the Producer Parley Discussion Panel.

We are bringing together producers from around the world to discuss topics that impact the music production industry.

Each Month We Will Hold A Discussion Panel with producers,

The breakdown is simple, The Discussion Public, and The Exposure is Maximum.

The Panels will Last from 1 to 2 hours.

The Topics will Range from Sampling, Free Beats, producers that lease beats and more.

We Will select 5 Producers a month To Give Their Input.

Once You have registered More information will be sent to you!

We look to capture the importance of the issues facing the producers, new and old.

To sign up as a Speaker OR As an attendee on the Panel Click Here

To Request a complimentary ticket to watch the panel discussion live Click Here.

Speakers will be receiving Promotion in the form of exposure and a chance to network with other producers.

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