Social Media Blasts

You supply the appropriate messages to us to send out over our Social Media Network. Messages go out to over 25,000 (REAL ACTIVE PEOPLE) People. Once you fill out this form and make payment we will send you an email response within 1-3 Business days of submission. Feel free to email at any time with any questions regarding your purchase.

Daily (3) for $3.45
Daily (5) for $5.50
Weekly ( 3 updates a day/7days ) 22.05
Weekly (5 updates a day/7days ) 35.00
Monthly ( 3 updates a day/30days ) 72.00
Monthly (5 updates a day/30days ) 125.00

If You need blasts for a mixtape/video/song please visit for information on double exposure, on our site and with social media blasts.

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