Song Review and Critique: “I Ain’t Playing” A-FS 201-973 @DabarTazadaq

  Who is the song for? Go getters, oppressed,underdogs Hook- Dumb Catchy Beat– I love the string synths, but it doesn’t fit with the artist’s voice, flow and delivery. It works for the hook though. Originality– It uses a common theme of boasting, warrior talk. Not a really new concept. Delivery: … Continue reading

>The many benefits of lease beats in hip hop music

>I recently did a survey on twitter to find out some of the concerns artists have when leasing beats online. I got alot of replies and I decided now to answer all of the questions. First thing I would like to address is the concerns about whether or not alot … Continue reading

>The Lease Beats Process (What should producers do?)

>There has been loads of controversy over the years in regards to the lease beats market. Alot of producers are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place, because they didn’t make it quite clear enough the type of agreement they were setting forth to the client. There are … Continue reading