Meet our featured artist, Heron Rodriguez @heronmusic

    What has made you the artist that you are today? God has made me who I am. The streets and hard times has made me the artist I am. A lot of pain, anger and aggression. But good aggression though.I love that DMX, Kanye West, Ludacris, 2Pac aggressiveness. … Continue reading

Interview: Nicole Russin-McFarland

  Who inspires you and why? All kinds of people from every career path. I especially love reading about moguls and executives of lifestyle brands and department stores. Is that weird for a girl like me? Yeah, probably. And I’ll be “weird” in that respect all the way to the … Continue reading

Our Interview With The Talented Hip Hop Artist “Fresh” (@Nothin2Much)

Check Out Music Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with phoenixstar9 on BlogTalkRadio Jacobi “Fresh” Isham is an American hip hop artist born on April 17, 1990. Currently residing in OKC, Fresh grew up in Lawton, Oklahoma where he recorded his first song at the age of 15. Fresh’s sound has … Continue reading

Meet The Band! : Our Interview with Jimmy Jax Pinchak Band( @JimmyJPBand )

With such a successful career in TV and film, what made you catch the music bug?   The Beatles (no pun intended) What was your craziest fan experience? We were playing a show in Santa Monica, when a couple of fans started re-enacting a scene from Back To The Future while we were playing Johnny … Continue reading

(Video) : T.I Interview With The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (6/18/14) FULL INTERVIEW

T.I breakfast club Power 105.1FM BREAKFAST CLUB: T.i interview Ti – No Mediocre T.i breakfast club power 105.1 Ti breakfast club Ti breakfast club T.I breakfast club T.i breakfast club power 105.1 Ti breakfast club Ti breakfast club T.I breakfast club T.i breakfast club power 105.1 Ti breakfast club Ti … Continue reading

15 Blog Post Ideas for Rappers (Get People To Listen To Your Music Series 1.0)

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alex Crick Good evening everyone.  If you are a hiphop/underground/known rap artist, and you have a blog or are looking to start one, but feel clueless on what you will write about, you have come to the right place! Blogging … Continue reading

Microphone Bully’s Own Big Brother Biz Interview with DJ Envy | @DJEnvy @MicrophoneBully Brings you an Exclusive Interview with the one and only World Famous DJ Envy. He talks about his on air apology, most memorable people he’s interviewed, what his car rides consist of, sleep schedule, fatherhood and raising a family all while being in the limelight. Interviewed and Filmed by: … Continue reading

Dj Envy And Dj Steel Interview Tech N9ne @DJEnvy @DJSteel1 @MicrophoneBully

Check out this exclusive Interview By DJ Envy and DJ Steel with Artist Tech N9ne Live From Sirius Xm In New York City. Thursday Night Live 10pm to 12am HipHopNation Media Coverage By via Dj Envy And Dj Steel Interview Tech N9ne @DJEnvy @DJSteel1 @MicrophoneBully | The Urban Link. Related articles … Continue reading