Song Review and Critique: Gallo Locknez @gallolocknez And Gil Thompson “ClockWork Cypher” prod by Dj Premier

Gallo Locknez And Gil Thompson ClockWork Cypher prod by Dj Premier The beat was tough, it had the elements of a classic DJ Premier instrumental, a fun sample, an orchestra hit, and a gritty sound that knocked and helped deliver the sound that I believe the artists were looking for. … Continue reading

Song Review and Critique: Pow Low – Kiss Me (@BeatMurdaMusic) #bmmg

  Hook- I think the hook was catchy, Pow Low did a great job with it. Beat- The beat definitely had a pop feel to it, and is very up-tempo. Solid instrumental with a fun feel. Originality- While it’s not on some copycat stuff, the lyrics themselves get a little corny, but that has been … Continue reading

Album Review: “Mr. Wolf’s Food Truck” Laid Thomas ( @laid_thomas )

     Laid Thomas, is back,the Iowan, brings more heat, this time out of “Mr. Wolf’s Food Truck”. I came hungry ready to eat and Laid the hook beats you in the head, “I Don’t Give a Fuck I Don’t Give a Fuck … Continue reading

Music Review: Don Dayo – “Superstar”   Don Dayo is what real hip hop once was and it is evident on his new single, “Superstar”.  On this record, you can hear raw street lyrics free of the gimmicks that hip hop has been embracing lately.  It’s a glimpse into the life a superstar with a … Continue reading

Song Review and Critique: “Pop Bottles” by E-Reign @EREIGNESM – Produced By

“Pop Bottles” by E-Reign E-Reign’s “Pop Bottles” is indeed a club type track. This song just struck me as a little average. As an artist E-Reign has potential but this record was a tad unbalanced. He starts off strong with a catchy uptempo hook, but around the midway point of … Continue reading

Song Review and Critique: “I Ain’t Playing” A-FS 201-973 @DabarTazadaq

  Who is the song for? Go getters, oppressed,underdogs Hook- Dumb Catchy Beat– I love the string synths, but it doesn’t fit with the artist’s voice, flow and delivery. It works for the hook though. Originality– It uses a common theme of boasting, warrior talk. Not a really new concept. Delivery: … Continue reading