Our Interview with Futa @futadabeast

Set to release his debut album, “O.W.E” (Out Work Everybody), Futa has been grinding for years in the music world trying to create the right sounds and songs to represent his state. Coming out of Little Rock, Arkansas, he is one the biggest prospects the small city has gaining attention … Continue reading

Album Review: March Forth By Gallo Locknez @gallolocknez

Get the Album: http://www.gallosworld.com/march-forth Gallo strikes the match on his intro track, “Growth”, he takes the time to show his growth here demonstrating his ability to switch the flow up and spit over a disgusting beat, that takes you back to the true roots of hip hop. I absolutely love, … Continue reading

Meet our featured artist, Heron Rodriguez @heronmusic

    What has made you the artist that you are today? God has made me who I am. The streets and hard times has made me the artist I am. A lot of pain, anger and aggression. But good aggression though.I love that DMX, Kanye West, Ludacris, 2Pac aggressiveness. … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Demon$ @thedemons215 Ft. Rich The Kid @IAmRichTheKid Song: BSOTK

Demon$ – BSOTK Ft. Rich The Kid Review:  Here’s what I loved about the track, the beat is menacing, and has me selling dope in my head! Then the title is definitely the most catchiest part of the track, “Busting straight out the kitchen”.  Although the duo is out of  Philly … Continue reading

Featured Soundcloud Select: Neek Buck ft. Yun6 Canon @yun6canon “Rules and Levels” yun6canon

If you hear a track here we cosign it! Neek Buck ft. Yun6 Canon Rules and Levels About The Song: This is a single of Neek Buck’s upcoming mixtape. It’s to the Meek Mill “Levels” beat. I’m featured in the 2nd verse. Check out more sounds from this artist yun6canon … Continue reading