(Video) : How to Network–Tips for Networking–How to Network with People–Part 1

During the ME Factor Business Segment Brand Strategist/PR Coach Kia Jarmon of The MEPR Agency, boutique PR and brand strategy firm, shares some best practices to maximize your networking efforts. For more on personal branding or to participate in the Brand Mapping exercise with Kia visit http://www.mepragency.com or email info@mepragency.com

Music Website Review: Showing the possibilities of making money ON FIVERR.COM with your MUSIC

Music Website Review:  Showing the possibilities of making money ON FIVERR.COM  with your MUSIC I laughed originally until I visited fiverr.com and saw people actually coming up with creative ways to make money with their music.  You post things you would do for $5.  You can also see what other … Continue reading