Featured Interview: With Cleveland artist YP @RAYISYP

DOWNLOAD YP’S LATEST PROJECT: A CLEVELAND STORY: HEART OF THE CITY http://www.datpiff.com/YP-A-Cleveland-Story-Heart-Of-The-City-mixtape.772564.html?utm_campaign=piff.me&utm_source=&utm_medium=piff.me Where did you get the name YP from? I used to use the stage name Young Prophet. Its actually something I might go back to but I shortened to YP for marketing purposes. After you got shot, how did … Continue reading


YP is an artist with a knack for telling stories and he illustrates that very well with his project, “A CLEVELAND STORY: HEART OF THE CITY”.  “A CLEVELAND STORY: HEART OF THE CITY” gives you a look into YP’s life starting with the intro that features a news clip that … Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: O.W.E. by FUTA (@futadabeast)

About the artist: Set to release his debut album, “O.W.E” (Out Work Everybody), Futa has been grinding for years in the music world trying to create the right sounds and songs to represent his state. Coming out of Little Rock, Arkansas, he is one the biggest prospects the small city … Continue reading

Meet our featured artist, Heron Rodriguez @heronmusic

    What has made you the artist that you are today? God has made me who I am. The streets and hard times has made me the artist I am. A lot of pain, anger and aggression. But good aggression though.I love that DMX, Kanye West, Ludacris, 2Pac aggressiveness. … Continue reading

Interview: Nicole Russin-McFarland

  Who inspires you and why? All kinds of people from every career path. I especially love reading about moguls and executives of lifestyle brands and department stores. Is that weird for a girl like me? Yeah, probably. And I’ll be “weird” in that respect all the way to the … Continue reading

Featured Artist: YP (@RAYISYP) Song: Where The Playas Go

  This track comes from one of Cleveland’s own, YP!  It put me on some old playa playa type shit.  Tell us what you guys think!   About the artist and the song:   Raised on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, Raymond “YP” Simpson came up around the roughest … Continue reading